For those interested in music, please check out the newish Swall album on Bandcamp.

For everyone else, I don't seem to be able to keep much up to date on that makes sense on this home page so for the time being please enjoy a list of my last 10 book purchases.

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Recent Book Purchases

Title Author
The Art Spirit Robert Henri
The Krampus and the Old Dark Christmas Al Ridenour
Lords of Chaos Moynihan and Soderlind
McSweeney's 54, The End of Trust mcSweeney's
The Labyrinth Index Charles Stross
The Electric State Simon Stalenhag
Words Will Break Cement, the Passion of Pussy Riot Masha Gessen
Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style Virginia Tufte
The Gravity's Rainbow Handbook: A Key to the Thomas Pynchon Novel Robert Crayola
The Revised Boy Scout Manual, an Electronic Revolution William S. Burroughs